Our team within AtCall is an experienced group of lawyers and conveyancers. With each of our team members having extensive experience as practicing lawyers and conveyancers stretching back a number of years, you can trust that we are able to handle anything that comes to us.

We understand that your practice means the world to you, so you can be assured and have complete trust in AtCall as your partner while you're away. With regular reports that will be sent directly to you if required, you can be sure that you will not feel out of contact with your practice.

To us, trust is key and we ensure that all of our actions while you’re away are always in the best interests of your practice. It is good to have someone you can truly rely on.


• A time-saving, tailored solution for your practice – locum matched according to your specific needs.
• Professional candidates – access highly experienced, specialist locum solicitors and conveyancers
• A stress-free holiday – with the knowledge that your practice is continuing to run smoothly.

To request a locum service for your practice in Sydney visit our contact us page for further details.

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